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John John Florence


Habitats 1. Habitat is a word for the natural climate or environment for something; e.g.- the habitat for a frog would be a dam, bushy, water an plantation.

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kidney dicession

the structure of the kidney:

the long tentical is called the renal pelvis. and what the renal pelvis goes into is the renal pyramid. the outer layer of your kidney is the renal capsule. this is very delicate and very soft.


pluck practical

the 5 things i learned was that the oesophagus is your food artery and the diaphragm is the muscle in the middle of your body. and the hydrogen peroxide is called h2o2. the thoracic cavity is the top half of your body. the alveoli is the little airbags in your lungs.

by lwiiiss miiillsss


the three things i learnt was that the systemic circuit pumps blood around you body. also i learnt that the pulmonary systems also turns the blood into rich blood. And also the valves look like spider webs and they are very strong.

by lewiisss millsssss

quest homework

What is the glycemic index- the glycemic index describes the difference in by ranking carbohydrates according to how quickly and how much they increase blood glucose levels. Some low-GI foods are cereal based on oats, barley and bran.

If you were a vegetarian you can still get protein without meat. There are something called legumes. Legumes is essential for a healthy diet, and include lentils, beans and peas such as chickpeas or green peas. Legumes are low fat and have more protein than any other plants, with about 26 per cent of legume calories in protein.

 The most interesting thing I found was that you can get plant protein! Another thing was that potatoes was not a low-GI food.

What happens if I don’t get enough protein? Well, when you don’t have enough protein you start to lose a lot of muscle and start to become very weak and useless. You also lose alot of energy. Average vegetarians get enough protein by eating lots of vegetables and fruit. It is very vital that you get enough protein in the day so you can be fit and have energy to get through the day.

by lewis mills

quest homework

the most thing that i ate in the 5 days was wheat bix. i ate 5 wheat bix in the morning and 5 in the afternoon. my average daily intake was around 2000 calories. my daily in take should be around 1460 calories a day. i have gone a bit over but i do exercise.

by lewis mills

why do we need a heart

The heart is like a pump to pump our body in the body. We need blood to carry nutrients and oxygen to every cell in the body and carry away the waste and carbon dioxide. The heart moves the blood through the blood vessels just like a delivery route.



I love skating because its a endless game. You can just never say alright i have learned everything there is, you just can do that so thats what keeps me intrigued and motivated. and also when who land a gnarly trick you get the best feeling

the 2 new things i have found is that there is a new skateboard called a p2 board which makes the board lighter and a quicker pop and also it lasts way longer. it is made of thin maple ply.

another is that bowls are cool

task 12

They didn’t believe that the earth revolved around the sun because…..

1. They believed that the earth was the centre of the universe.

2.they believed that if gods son was a human and he was on earth and god was the centre of everything that everything must orbit the earth.

3.the people of the church did not belive Galileo because they thought that everything revolved around the earth.

by Lewis Mills